The Empire Agency is a multi-award-winning TV production and sports agency. The company is helmed by the Emmy and AACTA-nominated talent of Shauna Keogh.
The Empire Agency is dedicated to revolutionising the world of content and sports. Under Keogh’s visionary leadership, The Empire Agency serves as a production powerhouse, crafting engaging and captivating content globally. Empire Elite excels in discovering new talent, nurturing original concepts, and masterfully producing factual programs and documentary series.

At the heart of the company lies a commitment to innovate and reshape the industry, pushing boundaries with progressive strategies. Empire Elite is a beacon for those seeking to transform womens sports and the media landscape.

The Empire Agency’s latest groundbreaking production is the award-winning “The Guards” series. This riveting installment delves deep into the landmark case of coercive control, marking a pivotal moment in legal history with its first conviction. Through meticulous investigation and compelling storytelling, we bring to light the critical issue of Domestic Violence, fostering awareness and sparking crucial conversations.

This series, alongside the groundbreaking exploration of domestic violence, delves into the harrowing reality of young men being groomed into gangs, exposing the intricate web of manipulation and exploitation at play. Furthermore, the series casts a stark light on the perils of organized crime, revealing its far-reaching impact on individuals and communities alike. With each episode, “The Guards” not only captivates but also educates, challenging viewers to confront these hard-hitting topics head-on.

Shauna Keogh, the dynamic director of The Empire Agency, is an award-winning producer and director with over two decades of experience in the TV and streaming platform arena.
The Empire Agency has emerged as a prominent force in entertainment, producing a vast array of prime-time television globally. The company specialises in discovering new talent, developing original concepts, and crafting compelling programs and documentary series.

With offices in Sydney, Dublin, and New York, the company has earned a reputation for delivering award winning high-quality, innovative content across various genres for major global broadcasters.

Their recent productions include “The Guards – Inside The K,” “Missing – Fiona Sinnott,” and “Cora – The Greatest,” showcasing their diverse storytelling prowess.

Here at Empire Elite we produce exciting new content on a regular basis.

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