What we do

Empire Elite Sports, as part of The Empire Agency brand, excels in representing athletes across various sports. We specialise in negotiation, branding, and mapping out a prosperous future for our clients.

Shauna Keogh’s passion for sports, especially women’s sports, is evident in her creative endeavors, stemming from her background as a dedicated sportswoman and former football player.  Empire Elite’s Sports landmark works include the documentary on Cora Staunton’s transition from GAA to AFLW and their producing services on the compelling series about the Matildas, “The World At Their Feet,” for Disney+, chronicling their journey to the World Cup.

This expansion into sports production highlights Keogh’s commitment to bringing diverse and inspiring stories to a global audience.


Empire Elite Sports offers unparalleled talent management services, expertly navigating the dynamic sports industry to maximize our clients’ potential and opportunities. Our dedicated team leverages extensive industry networks and cutting-edge digital strategies to elevate careers and secure lucrative endorsements, ensuring our athletes shine both on and off the field.

Media Production

Empire Elite Sports presents a unique opportunity for our clients to produce high-quality content through our in-house, award-winning production house, Empire Elite TV. This platform offers athletes a chance to showcase their talents and stories in a captivating way, leveraging state-of-the-art technology and creative expertise. Our clients gain access to exceptional media production, enabling them to engage with their audience on a deeper level and enhance their personal brand in the competitive sports industry.

Cora The Greatest

Personal Brand

Empire Elite Sports excels in crafting distinctive personal brands for athletes, utilizing a blend of media content creation, public relations, and strategic public appearances. Our approach integrates licensing deals and digital content innovation, ensuring each athlete’s unique story resonates with fans and sponsors alike. We focus on building a lasting legacy that transcends the sports arena, positioning our clients as influential and marketable personalities in the global sports landscape.


Empire Elite Sports offers comprehensive consulting and advice, guiding clients through their athletic career and into their post-career journey. Our focus is on supporting and assisting in carving out stable, fulfilling pathways for the future. We provide tailored strategies that encompass financial planning, career transition, and personal development, ensuring our clients are well-prepared for life beyond the field, with a solid foundation for long-term success and stability.